Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shirley's Painting

 This is my latest work.  This painting was for a friend of mine who wanted me to create this for her boss, Shirley, another friend of mine.  It depicts the slingshot and 5 stones David threw when going up against Goliath, the Giant!  Shirley now owns a company called Lady Primrose, specializing in amazingly beautiful women's bath and body products - they sell to fancy stores, and to incredibly fancy hotels all over the world.  This is the verse she clung to when going up against the previous owners to acquire the business!  I happen to LOVE how this turned out!  Its pretty different from my other paintings - it definitely stretched me as an artist - probably why I like it so much!

This is a better view, for some reason my camera photgraphs my art better when I don't use a flash:)

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